domingo, septiembre 23, 2007

Mr. Hubba & el Mono Inventor

Con motivo de la exposición:

Barcelona 1900

El Van Gogh Museum de Amsterdam ha organizado, en el Hall de entrada del Museo, la noche del viernes 28 de Septiembre un concierto de música experimental del grupo: Mr. Hubba & el Mono Inventor.

Toda una experiencia descubrir la música de estos jóvenes compositores Miguel Yuste (Huesca) y Guillermo Martorell (Barcelona), y en el acogedor ambiente creado por el Van Gogh Museum para que esta Noche del Viernes, sean una experiencia inolvidable. Allí nos veremos.

Mr. Hubba & el Mono Inventor: Miguel Yuste (Huesca) y Guillermo Martorell (Barcelona)

live at the Van Gogh Museum
Friday 28th September, 20h

Mr. Hubba & el Mono Inventor is the band of Barcelona-based musicians Guillermo Martorell and Miguel Yuste. Since their formation in September 2004, due to the invitation of the Northern California Experimental Music Festival, they haven't stopped traveling, playing, and recording what became their first album, Stargarder (South China Sea Music, 2006): 10 tracks of colourful compositions and improvisations, playful melodies and analog electronica. Recorded during 2005, in the midst of tour commitments that included a japanese tour, a european tour and many festivals in Spain (Sonar, Lem..), the sessions for Stargarder resulted in more than 34 cassette tapes of material, from which the band selected the ten tracks that made it to the final album.
They then took these tapes to Cristian Vogel (Super_Collider), who, along with Joe Robinson (Mercury prize winner for producing Badly Drawn Boy) mixed and mastered the album at their Station 55 Studios in Barcelona.
Released by ex-Beck, ex-Siouxsie and the Banshees band member David Brown with his label South China Sea Music (which also releases his own band's -Brazzaville- albums), Stargarder was very well received by the press in Spain, one of the biggest music magazines there (Mondosonoro) ranking it 3rd best electronica album of the year.

The rare instrumentation for a band of their genre- xylophones, melodicas, pianos, and all kinds of analog drum machines and synthesizers- and the improvisational element in every show make every live performance very unique.

Mr. Hubba & el Mono Inventor are now finishing their second album, which will also be mixed by Cristian Vogel, and which will be released soon.

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Anónimo dijo...

Si un ex-Beck y ex-Siouxie tuvo algo que ver tiene que ser algo bueno.

Susana Aparicio dijo...

Eso esperamos! mañana vamos a ver como suenan... ;o)

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Susana, como se suele decir, "si te gustan estos te gustarán"...

Facto Delafé y las Flores Azules.

Andrés Martínez

Susana Aparicio dijo...

Hola Andrés, gracias por el dato, voy a chequearlo.

Un saludo!